Dance Classes in Stirling

Dance classes for all ages in a fun and supportive family environment designed to build confidence and help you achieve your best.
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Dance Classes for All Ages in Stirling, Perthshire

Our passion is teaching our pupils to be confident dancers and performers. We want them to love dancing just as much as we do.

Join one of our dance classes today and get access to an inspiring learning environment where your child's teacher will help them achieve their individual goals while having fun along the way!

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DC Stirling Studios
158 Drip Road
We also teach classes in Callander.
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Our Unique Programmes

We've been teaching all ages and abilities for over twenty years. We know that our exclusive classes provide a great opportunity for our pupils to build their confidence as well as their performance skills.



0930 - 1000
Baby Boogies
1015 - 1105
Tots/Preschool Ballet and Tap
1540 - 1640
P2 Ballet and Tap
1600 - 1700
P1 Ballet and Tap
1650 - 1750
P3 Ballet and Tap
1715 - 1800
G4 Ballet
1800 - 1845
G4 Modern
1800 - 1845
G3 Modern
1845 - 1930
G5 Ballet
1845 - 1930
G2 Tap
1930 - 2015
G3 Tap
1930 - 2015
G4/5 Tap
2015 - 2115
G5 Modern
2015 - 2115
G6 Modern
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0930 - 1000
Baby Boogies
1015 - 1100
Tots/Preschool Ballet and Tap
1545 - 1645
P1/2 Fusion
1615 - 1645
G1 Modern (P4/5)
1645 - 1715
G1 Tap
1645 - 1715
G1 Tap (P4/5)
1715 - 1800
G2 Ballet
1715 - 1800
G1 Ballet (P4/5)
1800 - 1845
G1 Modern
1800 - 1845
G2 Modern
1845 - 1930
G3 Ballet
1845 - 1930
G2 Tap
1930 - 2015
G3 Modern
1930 - 2015
G2 Tap
2015 - 2115
G3 Ballet
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1545 - 1615
P2 Commercial
1615 - 1645
P2 Acro
1615 - 1645
P3/4 Commercial
1645 - 1730
P3/4 Acro
1700 - 1745
P5/6 Commercial
1745 - 1830
P5/6 Acro
1745 - 1830
P7/S1 Commercial
1830 - 1915
P7/S1 Acro
1845 - 1930
S2/3 Commercial
1930 - 2015
S2/3 Acro
1930 - 2015
S4/5/6 Acro
2015 - 2115
S4/5/6 Commercial/Lyrical
2015 - 2115
Adult Tap
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0930 - 1000
Baby Boogies
1015 - 1055
Tots Dance
1110 - 1200
Pre-School Ballet/Tap
1600 - 1700
Junior Contemporary
1700 - 1745
P1-3 Stage & Song
1715 - 1815
Senior Contemporary
1800 - 1900
P4-7 Stage & Song
1815 - 1900
G3 Ballet
1900 - 1945
G3 Modern
1915 - 2030
S1+ Stage & Song
1945 - 2030
G2 Tap
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0900 - 1000
P3 Ballet/Tap
0910 - 0940
Baby Boogies
0950 - 1030
Tots Dance
1010 - 1110
P1 Ballet/Tap
1040 - 1130
Preschool Dance
1120 - 1220
P2 Ballet/Tap
1140 - 1240
P3 Ballet/Tap
1230 - 1330
P2 Ballet/Tap
1250 - 1435
G1 P4 Ballet/Tap and Modern
1345 - 1530
G1 P5 Ballet/Tap and Modern
1445 - 1645
G2 Ballet/Tap Modern (P6+)
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Why Us?

Motivating & Nurturing Staff
Our dance teachers create a fun and engaging environment for all.
Supportive Family Atmosphere
Our dance studio is a warm and welcoming place where you can feel at home.
Unique Dance Programmes
Get a better understanding of dance through different styles and techniques.
Opportunities to Progress
Classes are designed to help students of all abilities make great progress.


I am so glad I put my tap shoes on again after 26 years, I am having so much fun!

The classes are well thought out & suitable for all levels of experience.

Kaitlin is so patient and such an amazing teacher, as are all the other teachers at the school. The ladies in class are lovely and friendly, it is such a supportive environment & a good way to meet new people!

I have fallen in love with tap all over again! Thank you so much everyone!
Claire, Adult Tapper
My two daughters love attending classes at DC, it’s more than a dance school to us. Carla and her team create such a nurturing and caring environment that brings the best out in all the children.

Their talent and enjoyment shines through when you see the children perform or demonstrate what they have learnt.

Such a variety of classes that suit all ages and abilities led by highly trained and dedicated teachers. Can’t recommend it enough!
Can't thank the fab staff at DC enough for the time and effort they put in.

My daughter has been with them for 8 years now and has gone from a child who wouldn't go on the stage to standing at the top of a pyramid on one leg in front of hundreds of people.

Great life skills, fantastic fitness and good value for money.

Would thoroughly recommend them!

Fantastic Opportunities

We have a wide range of opportunities for your child. They can take exams and perform in shows to help them build confidence and reach their full potential!

Dance Exams

Pupils have the opportunity to sit the following exams:

Royal Academy of Dance Ballet
I.S.T.D. modern and tap
L.A.M.D.A. drama

Our pupils can sit examinations up to vocational level.

Once again in our June 2021 session we had a 100% pass rate!

Performances and Shows

One of the highlight of our years is at school show that we hold at the fabulous MacRobert Arts Centre.

All pupils 3+ are invited to take part. Stage & Song classes hold their recitals at the amazing Tolbooth Theatre.

Our performance pupils have also danced at the Irn Bru Clan Can, SKY 1's 'Got to Dance' where there were shortlisted after being awarded 3 gold stars plus a variety of community and charity events.


Do you still have a question?
Get in Touch.
To start with your child should wear anything that enables them to move freely and they feel comfortable in. For example; leggings, t-shirt, shorts etc.

Some of the younger children prefer to wear a ballet/fairy/dressing up costume which is absolutely fine too!

Soft shoes are ideal for ballet, lyrical and acro.
Hard sole shoes for tap.
Indoor trainers for street and cheer.
For health and safety reasons socks and outdoor shoes are not allowed in our classes.
All classes, tots and older, are expected to wear uniform after they have attended class for one month.

Follow the link in the menu to see all our uniforms which you can buy from our shop within DC Stirling Studios or via our online store.

We strongly suggest getting ballet shoes fitted by a member of our shop staff and advise against purchasing supermarket ballet shoes as they give little support to feet.
At the moment due to our Covid rules, we can't allow parents in classes except for Baby Boogies. However, we welcome you to make an appointment to come into the studio beforehand and meet the teachers and see the space. We also have 'Dance With me' which is a parent/carer and child class for preschool children.

For Baby Boogies we ask that only one adult stays with the child and joins in the class with them.

Our aim is for children to come independently from the age of 3 or 4 years old. However, some children might need their adult to support them for the first couple of weeks. We completely understand this and we would them welcome you to stay with your child. We will help them to transition to attending the class on their own.

In our experience, children learn better without the distraction of being watched. We do however hold regular class presentations and shows where you can see your child's progression.
You can sign up for a month of classes here. We will be in touch within 48 hours to confirm the space.

We also ask that you register for our online portal where you can view our timetable, see when we are on holiday, book classes and inform us when your child is absent.
Our preschool programme is designed so that children can go on to study any genre of dance. They learn movements such as jumping, galloping, skipping, turning, stretching and also following instructions, making circles and taking turns! The foundations are ballet based as any dancer will tell you that ballet is the foundation of all dance.

We use a wide variety of music - from Mozart to Calvin Harris, to your child's favourite nursery rhymes and film soundtracks, some that your child will already know to motivate them and others that they do not which encourages musicality.

We change the theme every term and use lots of fun props.
Our classes are all between 30 minutes to 2 hours and 30 minutes long.
All payments are taken on the 1st of the month by Gocardless Direct Debit.
We do not run classes during the school holidays apart from inservice and bank holidays.

However, we do hold lots of workshops and summer schools.
Pupils are entered for examinations under the discretion of their teacher and studio owner. All exams are encouraged but optional.

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