Ballet Barre/ Adult Tap

Who is it for?     Over 18's



Tuesday & Friday

DC Stirling Studios

**Important Information - Due to Covid restrictions our adult classes are not running at present.  We hope it is not too much longer until they can resume **


Don't let your child have all the dancing fun! We also have adult Tap n' Tone and Barre classes.


Tap - A great way to get fit without even noticing as you will be having so much fun.  A great way to end the day, leaving you feeling energised and on a high. The next day you will feel the benefits this class has on your core and leg muscles! 

Ballet Barre - Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class - combining ballet-inspired moves and concentrate on core, arms and leg exercises. Using our mat, ball, weight and of course ballet barre you will be taught dance movements which are repeated in high reps to strengthen and stretch.

What to wear? Anything that is comfortable and you can move easily in. Hard sole shoes with a slight heel for tap. 

How to enrol?  Just sign up for a month of classes via our website, we will be in touch within 48 hours to confirm your space. 

Are these classes suitable for beginners? Yes, we have a beginners tap class and barre is great for any fitness level.