You can also download our timetable below 

Our preferred method of payment for fees is by Standing Order (40 weeks of classes are split over 12 months, 10% discount is given for 
paying in this way)
We are changing over all fees to GoCardless Direct Debit payments from January 2020, please see information below.

Discounts for missed classes due to illness, holidays, etc are only made in exceptional cases at The Dance Connection's discretion. 

You are welcome to make up missed classes by attending the same class on another day or by trying out a new class. 


 (weekly amount)
(weekly amount approx)
Baby Boogies 
£31.50 (£4.50)
 £13.50 (£4.05)
Tots Dance
£36.75 (£5.25)
 £15.75 (£4.72)
Pre-Primary Dance
£40.25 (£5.75)
 £17.25 (£5.17)
Primary Dance
£40.25 (£5.75)
 £17.25 (£5.17)
Adult Classes (45/50 min)
£33.25 (£4.75)
 £14.25 (£4.27)
All other 30 minute classes
£22.75 (£3.25)
 £9.75  (£2.92)
All other 45 minute classes
£29.75 (£4.25)
 £12.75 (£3.82)
All other 60 minute classes
£36.75 (£5.25)
 £15.75 (£4.72)
30 minute private class
60 minute private class
45 minute Drama class 
 £35 (£5)
 £15 (£4.50)
60 minute Drama class
£42 (£6) 
 £18 (£5.40)

For those pupils wishing to do multiple classes, we now offer tiered levels of standing orders, which are capped at the prices below. This is a great way to take part in multiple classes at a discounted rate:-

* New mini package for up to Primary classes, up to 6 classes a week for just £39 a month*

Up to Grade 3

Grade 4+

4-6 classes BRONZE
4-6 classes BRONZE
7-8 classes SILVER
7-8 classes SILVER
9-10 classes GOLD
9-10 classes GOLD
11+ classes PLATINUM
11+ classes PLATINUM`


There is still a 10% discount for setting up a recurring payment. Payments will now be collected by a GoCardless direct debit payment rather than standing orders.

 GoCardless is an online tool which makes it easy for you to pay by Direct Debit. GoCardless process payments for more than 30,000 companies such as The Guardian and HM Government.

  • You only need to set up payment once - complete an online form and, unlike with a bank transfer, cash, cheque or card payment, you won’t have to remember to pay next time. Which means no accidental disruptions to your service, subscription or membership.
  • Unless you change bank accounts, you won’t have to worry about updating your payment details either (unlike, if your debit card expires, or is lost or stolen).
  • Paying through GoCardless gives you certainty. You’ll know exactly how much you’re paying and when it will come out, which can help with budgeting.

  • With GoCardless, you are notified that a payment is coming out 3 days in advance, giving you the chance to raise any issues about the payment and initiate a refund request if need be.
  • You are fully protected under the Direct Debit Guarantee, meaning you have the right to cancel and receive a full refund for any payment taken in error.
  • You can cancel the Direct Debit mandate at any time for example through your online banking, immediately stopping future payments (although this will of course affect access to your services).
  • GoCardless is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide payment services as an Authorised Payment Institution. It is also ISO 27001 accredited, (ISO 27001 is a widely recognised, internationally accepted standard for information security).

Direct Debit enable us to run more efficiently and keep costs down.

The multiple class discounts have been replaced by 4 different direct debit payment packages which give discounts for pupils attending 4 or more classes a week.


As a thank you to everyone who pays by direct debit you will be offered a 10% discount on all dancewear in August and September. 

You don't need to do anything yet we will be in touch to tell you how to change over to the new system.